lunedì 4 febbraio 2008

Do you know Caffarella?

This spring I will move to my new home; in this moment we are struggling with the bank to take out a loan, but I believe that in a month we’ll have the needed money. :-)

The house is close to the "Caffarella" park in Rome; even if it’s a fantastic place, it is not well known, neither by many people that live in Rome. It is part of the "Appia Antica" park, a green area that includes the first 16 km of the “via Appia Antica” (the Ancient Appian way), from its beginning at the Aurelian Wall inside Rome. The great number of ruins and monuments from different ages, together with a wonderful richness in flora and fauna, makes of this park a unique experience that you can’t miss on your visit to Rome.

In particular, the Caffarella park, with the river Almone running through it, is the most important example of ancient agricultural use close to the city; but it also has a wealth of important monuments from a variety of periods like the temple of the god Redicolo, the Ninfeo di Egeria, the church of Sant’Urbano, the mediaeval towers, the Tombe Latine and the Parco degli Acquedotti, with the massive ruins of the conduits that supplied Rome with water.

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