giovedì 31 gennaio 2008

Me, myself and I

I was born in Rome 38 years ago… well, almost 39, to be fully honest. I am starting to reduce my age, I think that it is the first sign that I am growing old!
I still live in Rome; I actually never left my city: I think I love it, somehow… it has so many flows, sometimes it makes me crazy, but it is the most fascinating, charming and impressive city in the world. That’s all.
I am married, and I have one child. He’s fantastic, my “pride and joy”. But I don’t want to talk about my family on this blog. Maybe next time (or next blog).
I am an electronic engineer and I work in the telecommunications area. If you want, you can see my professional profile and my resume on LinkedIn, Naymz, Plaxo or some other “professional networks”… or you can just google my name. I’d like to take advantage of this blog also to talk about new technologies and trends in telecommunications and computer science, and to comment with you the “hottest” news.
I have many interests, maybe more than I can actually deal with.
I love hiking: having a long walk on narrow track that goes up to the top of a mountain is an unparalleled joy for me.
I am fond of travelling, I like visiting cities and historical sites but I prefer wandering the countryside and the natural parks. Outside Italy, I really love Ireland and Canada, not to mention the Yellowstone national park, one of the most extraordinary places I have ever been.
When I hike or I travel, I always bring with me my camera, a Canon digital SLR. I love photography, but I must admit that I am not very good at it. I am just an amateur, there are so many things to learn but, mainly, to make good pictures maybe I should be less “engineer” and more “artist”… but I don’t think it’s possible. However, I will post some pictures on this blog, and your comments are welcome.
I like movies, almost all genres but horror and romantic films (however, there are some notable exceptions to this rule). I love books, there’s always one on my bedside table. When I was younger I preferred science-fiction and fantasy, but nowadays I read almost everything.
I love science; at school I was really good at maths and physics. After high school my intention was to study physics at university, but I decided for engineering… that’s the first important “sliding door” in my life. Nowadays I enjoy reading maths books.
I like doing sport: tennis, five-a-side soccer, mountain bike, spinning, rowing, and swimming. This summer I tried “Nordic Walking”, and I liked it a lot; I believe I’ll talk about it soon.
Music is another great passion in my life; I am a big Bruce Springsteen’s fan, but I like many others, more than I can mention here.
Last but not least, I like videogames. I have always played with my home PC, I also own a not-so-new gaming console. The only thing I a missing is time to play! You know, when you have a small baby, he requires (and deserves) all your time and attention.
I think that’s all.

mercoledì 30 gennaio 2008

Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?

OK, I have decided to start my first blog.


I have decided to write in English. I am not an English mother tongue, but I think (hope) that in this way I can have a broader audience (even if I am quite sure that I will have no audience at all).
Hope you'll forgive my mistakes, don't hesitate to correct me, it can be a good way to improve my (poor) English skills.


Why am I blogging? Just like the Cranberries said, "Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?". That's all, more or less.
Here I'd like to "talk" about all the things I like, and maybe also about what I don't like so much.
I think I'll start with my profile, my interests, etc.

Not now, tomorrow.

I am leaving now.